Hello I am Tressa. Welcome and thank you for visiting my web site. Please let me answer any questions concerning your love life, marriage, relationship, health, career, family, friends, trips & all lifes issues. I have helped many broken love affairs and reunited separated lovers. I will use my psychic abilities to tell you about your strengths & weaknesses in your love life. 

Love Readings ~ Spiritual Guidance & Advice

Sometimes people need a little reassurance on life's matters. Perhaps you have questions about your love life or you're wondering what your next step in your career should be. The answers are there. You just need to know where to get them. That's where a I can help you.
I will give you guidance, reassurance and a new understanding on all of your important situations. Come in or give me a call now,

Don't be discouraged if other psychics have failed you. Many seek me for advice & help.

One visit or phone call will convince you and
my results will amaze you.

Walk-Ins Welcome                    
                   Available For Parties

Miss Tressa Love Psychic.
Local & Real Psychic Advice

All Readings Are Private And Confidential

925 Niles-Cortland Rd. Warren, Ohio 44484
(Across From LOWES On Rt.46)

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1-800-875-7990  1-330-505-0066


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